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PTFE & Filled PTFE
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PTFE in Mechanical Engineering :

  • PTFE Low Friction Liners for machine tools guideways and slideways.
  • PTFE Piston Rings for dry running air compressor.
  • PTFE Low load high speed bush  bearings.
  • PTFE Guide bands & Piston Seals for hydraulic and pneumatic actuators.
  • PTFE Hysterisis- Friction Washers for automobile Clutches.
  • PTFE Bridge Support bearing pads.
  • PTFE Bearing / pads for sprinklers.
  • PTFE Pipeline Support Bearing Pads.
  • PTFE Railway bogie bearings.
  • PTFE Bearings for Conveyor belts
  • PTFE Gear Case wiper Rings.
  • PTFE Bearings / Pads for Actuators.
  • PTFE Support  pads/ Wear  strips / bearing pads in Railway bogies.
  • PTFE Support  pads/ Wear  strips / bearing pads in machine tools & equipments

Hindustan Nylonmanufactures most of these products in PTFE & filled PTFE compositions.