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Hindustan Nylons operates on quality system right from inspection & testing of raw material up to final pre-dispatch inspection & testing of end products, throughout the manufacturing, to ensure ZERO DEFECT QUALITY.

The company offers design, development & laboratory testing facilities to handle customer projects from concept to full manufacture. It advises on material selection & product design  to optimize the unique properties of company's extensive range of materials with engineers fully supporting the sales field staff. The products confirm the national & international standards such as IS, ASTM, BS, DIN etc.

The company has huge, wide & state of art manufacturing facilities; Comprising Hydraulic Presses, Ovens, Ram Extruders, Lathes, Turrets, Milling Machines, Skiving Machine, Calendaring  Machine etc to cover producing most of the products in PTFE - serving the customer under  one roof. The latest technology in machine tools such as, NC controls, Automatic PID / Profile temperature controlled ovens, Rotary bed sintering, Air conditioned / dust free environment, fully automatic Extrusion - is in use.

The testing of Input – Raw Materials & Output – Finished Goods is carried out at In-house Laboratory. The testing equipments to verify various properties of Input – Raw Materials consists for colour, Particle Shape, Purity, Flowability, Bulk Density, Compressive Ratio, Filler Content, Water Content, Shrinkage & Pollution Index. The Output – Finished Goods are tested for Density, Tensile Strength, Elongation, Compressive Strength, Deformation Under Load, Hardness, Water Absorption, Heat Resistance, Continuous Service Temperature, Wear Rate, Dielectric Strength, Chemical Resistance – permeability, Chemical Resistance – Dissolution, Peel off strength / Bond strength for sodium itched parts, spark testing & pneumatic pressure testing. The in-house testing facility offers the unique advantage of assured / tested quality.

Through in-house test laboratory, company guides customers to develop the new product from concept / replace existing material of construction – to suit specific service condition & particular application.

With  uncompromising , assured  quality , maximum  product range  under one roof , pre-post sales and technical service and CUSTOMER AS MAIN  FOCAL POINT , Hindustan Nylons has  reputed &prestigious customers  all over India.

The company is Exporting – PTFE Stock shapes & Machined Components - majorly to Middle East Countries, Part of Europe, Part of South Africa & Australia.