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Hindustan Nylons is wholly Indian owned, private company, formed in 1979 to manufacture & market PTFE & other fluropolymeric semi finished & finished shapes. It has become one of the largest processor of PTFE in India & has expanded its range to encompass the full spectrum of PTFE shapes. The group is comprised of two independently managed manufacturing facilities based in  western part of India at  MIRAJ, State Maharashtra, employing around 60 people & trading throughout India.

The group is major converter of PTFE resins & manufactures semi finished shapes in all forms - Extruded rods up to 100mm diameter. Moulded rods upto 300mm / 500mm diameter; 600mm / 1000mm length. Moulded bushes - rings up to 1000mm diameter. Moulded sheets upto 1200 x 1200 mm2  & skived sheet-tape materials upto 1200 mm width , Ram Extruded Rods upto 100mm diameter ; 900 / 1000 / 2000mm Length & Ram Extruded Rigid Pipes / Liners upto 100mm diameter ; 3300mm Length - the widest range of such products in India.

The PTFE finished shapes are fabricated in the state of the art workshop comprising lathes, turrets milling machine and other fabrication machines, running in three shifts. The machinig facility upto 1000mm diameter , 1000mm Length is available with precision tolerance within +/-0.02mm. The company has most advanced chemical itching & application facility along with automatic slitting machines for manufacturing chemically treated insulation tapes.

The present manufacturing capacity (2011) of group is about 20000 Kgs per month, utilizing almost 75%, & expansion at the rate of 10% per annum is being carried out to cover maximum size & range of products, availing complete range of PTFE shapes under one roof - most convenient for customers.